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Month 3

We are currently on our 3rd cycle of trying to conceive a rainbow baby.  I have already let this consume me with fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Of the future.  Will I be able to conceive again? Will I have … Continue reading

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October is approaching

October is just around the corner.  It is now fall, and like the weather, my moods have changed.  As fall approaches, the happiness of summer is replaced by the sadness of fall.  Fall is a stark reminder again of what … Continue reading

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To the client with the baby

To the client I saw today at work with the baby: Today you came into the office to see me, which was a feat in itself.  You loaded your three boys up in the car, stroller, baby paraphernalia and all, … Continue reading

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Important SIDS legislation

      Tomorrow is the day that an important bill will be voted on by the House of Representatives.  H.R. 669. There are many good reasons to support this bill – the primary one being that it will create … Continue reading

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Where is my Time Lord?

For the past few years, my husband and I have discovered a new obsession.  Dr. Who. We started with the renewal of the series, with the 9th doctor, Christopher Eccleston.  Then came my all time favorite Scot, masquerading as a … Continue reading

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